Replay Museum | About Replay Museum
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About Replay Museum

Replay Museum

How it works:

All games in the museum are always set to Free Play. Upon paying for your pass, you receive a wristband which allows you to leave and come back for the day. So you pay once at the front desk and are then able to play the 120+ games all on Free Play with unlimited re-entry to the museum until we close for the day!

Prices (Tax included)


119 E Tarpon Avenue

Tarpon Springs, FL 34689


(727) 940-3928
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Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 11am – 7pm

Thursday: 11am – 7pm

Friday: 11am – 11pm

Saturday: 11am – 11pm

Sunday: 11am – 7pm

  • Adult Day Pass

    Anyone age 13+

  • Children Day Pass

    For children 7-12 years old (WITH a paying adult)

  • Children ages 6 and under

    (with a paying adult)

  • Late night date night

    Friday’s & Saturday’s 8pm - 11pm

  • *NEW* Frequent Gamer Pass

    10 Day Passes with no expiration date! *Non transferable and limited to one use per day per pass.*

  • Monthly Pass

    Unlimited entry during open hours, valid for one month from date of purchase

  • Year Pass

    Unlimited entry during open hours, valid for one year from date of purchase


Mission Statement

Replay Museum promotes the art, science and cultural significance of mechanical amusement machines to preserve these historical artifacts for future generations.


About Replay Amusement Museum

Our facility is an interactive museum with over 120 “playable” games and unique amusement devices set to “Free” play. We encourage our guests to immerse themselves in a place that has been long since seen, yet never forgotten.

Most museums follow a standard approach of displays to be viewed in a walk, stop, and look. The Replay Museum’s vision is to create a touch, play, and learn environment that is both educational and exciting.

We strive to awaken the sweetest memories of those who grew up in a different time and trigger the fascination and interest in a younger generation.