Replay Museum | Addams Family
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Addams Family

About This Project

This game broke all previous sales records for flipper games. Designer Pat Lawlor wanted to commemorate the actual record-breaking game from the production line and arranged to have it made in a gold cabinet. This change caused a number of games made subsequent in this original run to also have gold cabinets. At least their lower cabinets were gold, even if their backboxes were still made in blue. Included in this listing are pictures of one such example of this “Later Production” version having the mixed gold and blue. The legs, metal trim, and lockdown bar are not gold. Then, in 1994, The Addams Family was put back in production with a special run of ‘Gold Edition’ machines to further commemorate this machine becoming the best selling flipper game of all time. These machines had many more Gold accents, such as the metal ramps, gold legs and bolts, gold lettering, the vault plastic, the bumper caps and Thing’s box. Each “Gold” machine includes a certificate signed by the members of the design team and a gold plate on the lower right front of the machine containing the machine number.

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