Replay Museum | High Speed
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High Speed

About This Project

High Speed is a 1986 pinball game designed by Steve Ritchie and released by Williams Electronic Games, Incorporated Regarding the theme of this game, Steve Ritchie has said: “It was based on a true story. I was actually chased by the cops at 146 mph in my 1979 Porsche 928.” Ritchie credits Larry DeMar with parts of the design, but DeMar isn’t credited for design on the playfield, just software. Python Anghelo did the backglass art and Mark Sprenger did all other art. The artwork near the upper right flipper shows insignia on the roofs of the squad cars as A8, W11, and S81. Mark Sprenger told us that this represented the initials and birthdate of his son, as a little gift to him. He also told us that the designer did not want the color green used anywhere on the playfield, calling it bad luck. Mark used green anyway and included for good luck a small four-leaf clover near the top traffic light. With the success of this game, he believes the clover was responsible for “finally breaking the dreaded green curse.” Artist Tim Elliott is the voice of Dispatch (for example, “Roger, 504. Apprehend him!”)

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