Replay Museum | Ms. Pac-man
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Ms. Pac-man

About This Project

This game, originally called ICrazy OttoI, was an elaborate enhancement of IPacManI created by a small company called General Computer Corporation. GCC pitched the title to Bally Midway who bought it and, after some minor changes, changed the game into IMs. PacManI. Bally Midway ultimately turned over the rights to Namco in an effort to appease them and not lose the licensing rights to future titles. Namco did ultimately stop licensing games to Bally Midway due to the release of Midways other unauthorized titles such as IPacMan PlusI, IBaby PacManI, and IJr. PacManI.PDespite being released in the early 1980s, the game continues to retain its popularity among players. Machines can still be found almost everywhere including most arcades or amusement centers in the United States.PIn 2000, Ms. PacMan was selected as the spokesgame character for the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations . The character now wears a pink ribbon in addition to her traditional pink bow.

Arcade Game
Midway Manufacturing Co.
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