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Pac Man

About This Project

The single most popular game of all time. The game spawned several lines of merchandise and a Saturday morning animated series on ABC that lasted two seasons from 1982 to 1984. There was even a primetime animated Christmas special called IChristmas Comes To PacLandI which was first broadcasted on ABC sometime in December 1982. Actor Marty Ingels supplied the voice for the main character in both of these animated shows and he was even given a genuine IPacManI arcade game by the people who hired him.PThe games hero was born from a pan of pizza with one slice missing, as Toru Iwatani Namco, tried to think of a character for his new game. He gazed down at the pizza, then it dawned on him … a circle with a wedge missing for a mouth … and so, PacMan was born.PThe game was, at first, called IPuckmanI. It was later changed due to the fact that the middle section of the P could be scratched away making the name offensive to people.PThe American rights were to go to Atari originally, but they turned them down, saying the game was too easy.PA game called PacMan World 20th Anniversary was released for the PlayStation Game Console in late 1999. In this 3D game, PacMan has to save his friends and family from TocMan a robotic PacMan from Ghost Island, whose name is Namcos original name, Namcot, spelled backwards. The friends and family are here as follows Pooka from IDig DugI, ChompChomp the Dog from IPacLandI, Professor Pac from IProfessor PacManI, Baby Pac from IBaby PacManI and IPacLandI, Junior Pac from IJr. PacManI and IPacLandI, and Ms. PacMan from IMs. PacManI and IPacLandI. PacMan has learned some new moves to save his family like swimming, revving and more. This release also contains the original PacMan game.

Arcade Game
Midway Manufacturing Co.
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