Replay Museum | Pricing
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~ Update from the Replay Mgmt. ~

Replay was packed with happy people today…And it feels terrible.
Both our hearts and minds recognize that it is vitally important to our healthcare workers and fellow humans to limit public gatherings at this time.
Replay will not participate in spreading this terrible virus.
Society shouldn’t need a mandate from the authorities to do the right thing.
We don’t either.
For that reason, Replay Museum will be temporarily closing up shop at 7pm Tuesday, March 17th. As much as it sucks and will be financially devastating to our small business, the good of our society is more important.
We’re not going to tell you how to do your part because you already know.
#flattenthecurve    #dontbeaspreader    #stayhome
P.S. You’re personally invited when we re-open. We’ll assess the situation daily and keep you updated.
P.P.S Is there a special game you’d want us to add when we come back? Leave us an answer on the “Contact” page!


Daily admittance to the Replay Museum for adults is $14 a day. $8 for children 7-12 years old.

This includes full unlimited free play access to all pinball and arcade games within the museum and unlimited re-entry for that day.


Birthday Parties:

We currently offer a birthday package starting at $160 that includes:

  • 6′ table that we set up in the front of the building to accommodate any food or non-alcoholic drinks you’d like to bring.
  • 10 individual day-passes – If you have more than 10 guests in your party, they can be added at $11 per person. If you happen to have less than 10 guests we will write you the remainder in day-pass tickets that you can redeem at any time.
  • 3 hour reservation time.